Meet the Band...

Brian Heywood (electric guitar) is a founder member of the original Bluetongue Bush Band and cut his musical teeth playing bush music with the band around Sydney and rural New South Wales. Since arriving in England he has played in a number of rock and folk/rock outfits such as The Cluster of Nuts Band as well as in more mainstream rock and blues bands. Brian has appeared at many music festivals around the UK as well as releasing a number of recordings. Peter Anderson (accordion, guitar, calling) has a long and varied musical career in Australia - including a stint with the world famous Bushwackers Band. He has also appeared on albums of many well known Australian artists including Ted Egan and Shane Howard. Peter is also one of Bluetongue’s dance callers and has toured extensively in S. E. Asia, Australia and Canada.
Dawn Moore (caller) comes straight from the English e-ceilidh scene with experience from both festivals and social function calling. Her enthusiasm and skill help to get everyone onto the floor and the key word is fun. Greg Hunt (fiddle) is a former/current member of Australian folk rockers The Plough Boys and brings a really wicked level of improvisation to the Bluetongue mix.
Ian Blake (bass) is based in Canberra and brings his multi-instrumental talent and experience of both the UK dance scene (Pyewaket) and dance in Australia. The list of Ian's instruments seems to be endless and includes cittern, lyre, bass clarinet, celtic harp, mbira, soprano sax and bass harmonica plus bass guitar. Ian was also a regular 'sideman' for Eric Bogle and a number of other colabourations and experimental music projects. Jon Jones (kit drums) Hailing from Queensland, Jon's also an ex-member of Eric Bogle's band. Eric has called him "A gentle introduction to the art of drumming" and his long association with Ian means that the Bluetongue rhythm section is 'rock solid'.