Bluetongue Bush Ceilidh Band performing at Fairbridge Festival in 2008

Bluetongue Bush Ceilidh

This band brings back to Australia the experience, energy and broad appeal of the current UK ‘e-Ceilidh’ scene. Some of the best dance musicians from the UK and Australia, well versed in social dance on both sides of the globe, have pulled out all the stops to bring the energy of rock and funk to bush dance.

The current version of the band debuted at the Fairbridge Festival in Pinjarra, Western Australia and wowed the audiences there with both the 'full on' dance music and their approach to calling bush dance. In 2013 the band played at the National Festival In Canberra, receiving comments such as " dancing I've done in Australia" (Andy Stafford, Chippenham Folk Festival)...

Bluetongue Bush Ceilidh Band performing in atthe National in 2016

"I've been wanting to have a really good high-energy ceilidh band at the festival for a number of years now, to remind people how much fun bush dancing can be when done to a rocking band. You certainly filled the bill and I was delighted with the audience response." - Steve Barnes Fairbridge Festival Artistic Director,

* The Bluetongue lizard is common both the Australian bush and in suburban gardens, and represents the band's true grass roots approach to music and dance.